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Cotton, what a beautiful thing!

One can be very taken with the beauty of what people can achieve with colors, textures and the things that are made from such a versatile fiber. Cotton has been harvested and used by our ancestors for many thousands of years. It has filled the silk road, trade ships, helped to build empires and helped to dramatically change others. Cotton has defined every class of citizen within every culture that it has touched. This plant has serviced every industry, and has helped to influence the evolution of countless advances.

Despite all of the advances in technology, cotton has not lost its charm but rather is seeing a surge in use and practicality. Perhaps now, the simplicity of Organic Cotton is more important in our chemically laden world than ever before. The Organic world is building, becoming an empire as our personal health is challenged in an ever changing environment. We can thank the Industrial Revolution both in Europe and in America for setting us on the path of simpler ways of manufacturing. Because of the advances in technology, we can now produce softer, more durable and more practical organic materials than we could have ever imagined, not to mention the fact that we can now offer such beautiful finished products to more individuals at a reasonable cost. Once upon a time, fabrics and linen of such quality could only be afforded by those of vast wealth and influence. Today however we can all have the chance to know the supreme comfort that even the highest of society never knew in the past.

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