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True Organic Baby Linens

As a loving and environmentally concious parent, you want your child to be a natural baby as much as possible. Consider organic baby linens as a protective measure for your Eco baby.

Most man-made dyes and even natural colorants can be absorbed through the skin. Even colorants that claim to be low impact on the environment can pass through your child's skin, be inhaled or be consumed by your childs natural inspection of the world with their mouth.

The problem with most dyes and colorants is that no real research is done on the long-term exposure effects of colors before they are sold in childrens linens. As genetic science has progressed in the last decade scientists have become increasingly aware of how chemicals can affect a child. Even very small amounts of some dyes and chemicals can produce long lasting or permanent damage to a childs brain, body systems and health..

Genetic damage can occur form exposure to chemicals that do not directly affect your baby. Your grandchildren will see the results of any genetic alterations that colorant chemicals may have on your childs genes.

The alternative is organic baby linens.

The cotton that organic baby linens are made from is grown without chemicals. The processing of the cotton into fiber uses no chemicals. The final fabric is completely organic. You get peace of mind knowing that your baby is wrapped in natural comfort.

We know your child is precious to you, Keep your Eco Baby comfy, cozy, and most importantly safe from the harmful effects of chemicals.

Go natural.

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